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Peaceful Treason is a show featuring discussion about socially relevant topics--such as: economics, political philosophy, pop culture, science & technology, and religion--from the anarchist perspective. Our intention is to inspire conversation and cross-cultural assimilation through social interaction.

Dec 28, 2021

We try to find our center, our inner zen garden while we keep our jobs for now while in secret covid defiance. Where does the line get drawn and what's the best path to navigate office bs?

Is this hypocritical? What other hypocrisies and cognitive dissonances are we easily spotting in others but not acknowledging in our...

Nov 10, 2021

This one is all over the place but it was recorded the night before one of our favorite holidays. There is some pandemic denying in this episode and some general bitching and moaning. Consider this a bonus episode and trust us there will be some guests and actually prepared episodes coming down the pipe soon.  Go check...

Oct 26, 2021

It actually happened. An episode was recorded with @qjbrushthreep, @kajaccord, @rothbirdian, R.I.P @crowdfundedgov

A lighthearted discussion of supposed allies who are too busy pearl clutching and trying to act woke instead of doing anything helpful. 

Aug 5, 2020


On this episode, we take things a little yeezy.  We discuss  mental health, and the things we've been dealing with in our personal lives.  Then we get into imagining a world where Kanye "Yeezus Christ Superstar"West is President of the United States of America.  How close are we to a post-apocalyptic...

Aug 19, 2019


In this episode, Jacob and Mason of the Tasting Anarchy podcast join us for a lengthy discussion on a variety of ideas.  We discuss government distortion of markets, wine-inspired beers, and ways we can improve the palatability of anarchist and libertarian ideas.  How can anarchists improve how we express...