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Peaceful Treason is a show featuring discussion about socially relevant topics--such as: economics, political philosophy, pop culture, science & technology, and religion--from the anarchist perspective. Our intention is to inspire conversation and cross-cultural assimilation through social interaction.

Aug 8, 2023

We are busting up this union talk with some middling brews and crackpot theories. RFK is just following orders and you should too. Let the those of us without zen, cast the first molotov cocktail... Go Argos!

Jun 22, 2023

Some random thoughts...

In this one we negiligently discharge some half-baked opinions and theories. If you don't join the Canadian Football Fantasy league you're a fed. Sorry, Zencaster, I do not even remember why we were so mad with you. You will need both a D&D Character chart and a dry bible to get through this one....

Jan 12, 2023

Found this one gathering some cobwebs and dusted it off and gave it a spit shine and wow was it a lot of fun. There are some awful foreshadowings regarding CFL, unfulfilled promises of a follow up, flat out factual inaccuracies, and redacted confessions to felonies. Fun times for the whole family.